Specialists at the intersection of criminal and civil law

Ivy specializes in integrity issues at the intersection of civil and criminal law, both domestic and internationally. In this context, we carry out independent investigations into integrity violations.

Fraud and corruption investigations

Ivy Advocaten belongs to the select league of Dutch firms, which carry out complex fraud and corruption investigations. These involve investigations into aspects of integrity with national or international impact, in a wide range of sectors. Recent investigations concerned, for instance, the oil and gas industry, healthcare, the world of football, trading in commodities, and the trust and financial sector.

Corporate criminal law

Ivy advises companies that are confronted with investigations by the Public Prosecution Service, the Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD), and/or regulators (for instance, De Nederlandsche Bank, the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), or the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa)). Ivy offers the appropriate legal assistance, respecting the company’s continuity.

Investigations on behalf of the Enterprise Chamber

Ivy is regularly involved in cases brought before the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court, also and regularly as, appointed independent investigator.

Corporate litigation

Corporate litigation is another cornerstone of our firm. Special focus lies on cases involving disputes within and between legal entities or the liability of (Supervisory) Board members.

Irregularities in international trade, transport and insurance

Historically, part of Ivy’s civil practice focuses on investigations into or legal assistance in case of irregularities in international trade, transport or insurance.

All attorneys at Ivy Advocaten are registered at the Netherlands Bar Association.

Sound advice and independent investigations in case of violations of integrity.