Office Complaints Procedure

  1. This office complaints procedures outlines the manner in which Ivy Advocaten handles complaints.
  2. Clients may complain about the formation or execution of a letter of engagement with Ivy Advocaten, the quality of services rendered by lawyers or other members of staff gainfully employed by Ivy Advocaten, and—if the client is also a debtor—the amount of the fee note.
  3. A complaint must be submitted as soon as possible after the behaviour to which the complaint relates, occurred.
  4. A complaint must be submitted by dated and signed letter, stating the name, address and phone number of complainant, to be sent by regular post or—scanned—by e-mail to to the complaints officer, Ms A.H.J. Saes, LL.M. or to the deputy complaints officer, Mr R.H. Broekhuijsen, LL.M.
  5. The complaints officer will give the complainant and the person complained about the opportunity to provide an explanation with regard to the complaint.
  6. Within one month of receipt of the complaint, the complaints officer will inform the complainant, in writing and substantiated, of the opinion regarding the merits of the complaint, or will inform the complainant, stating reasons, that this period cannot be adhered to, specifying the period within which it will be possible to give an opinion about the complaint.
  7. The complaint shall be under no obligation to pay for costs involved in handling the complaint.
  8. The office complaints procedure shall apply to any letter of engagement between Ivy Advocaten and a client.
  9. Should a complaint remain unresolved, it can subsequently only be submitted to the Court in Amsterdam
  10. This Complaints Procedure has been drawn up in Dutch and translated into English. In the event of any discrepancy between the Dutch text and the English translation thereof, the Dutch text shall prevail.